Tampico Stain Brush
Tampico Stain Brush
Tampico Stain Brush

Tampico Stain Brush

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  • Why you’ll love them

    This handy, ergonomically designed tampico brush is made with natural fibres and pairs beautifully with our Vegan Stain Remover Bar to gently pre-treat your toughest stains.

    Safe to use on most fabrics including sturdy linens and delicate garments.

    Did you know that stains build up over time and that pre-treating an area that is more susceptible to stains, such as underarms, cuffs and collars can help eliminate future discoloration, dinginess and odor?

    We recommend whenever possible to pre-treat stains using our popular Vegan Stain Remover Bar in combination with this brush.

  • Measurement

    • Total Height: 6 inches
    • Bristle Height: 1.5 inches
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How To Use Them?



Moisten the stained area and your Stain Remover Bar


Gently rub the bar into the stain for 20 seconds. Use stain brush for extra power


Let it sit for a few minutes and rinse, then wash as usual

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How do I use the Detergent Sheets?

Place your clothes into your washing machine and simply add the detergent strip on top of your clothes.


What temperature should I use when washing?

Our laundry detergent strips work effectively in either cold or hot water settings.


Do I need to place the strip inside the dispenser?

Whether you have a front or top load washing machine, you just simply throw the detergent sheet with your clothes and you can begin your wash cycle.


Is kind laundry safe to wash with silk, wool, cotton, or any delicate fabric?

Kind Laundry is safe to use on all types of fabrics. However, just like any new product, you may want to do a small test to be sure.