About Us

Bernard Law Angie Tran Kind Laundry

Hi there! We’re Bernard and Angie, founders of Kind Laundry.

As both business and life partners of more than 10 years, we’re lucky to share the same values in life. These shared values are how we stay strong as a couple and what drives us as business partners. We are health conscious, love animals, and are committed to living as sustainably as possible. 

But, it’s not always smooth sailing...

Like all couples, we have our fair share of arguments about the silliest things at home. Those mundane home chores are so often the trigger. One of our most constant irritations? Who forgot to clean up after doing the laundry. From messy measuring cups to gooey liquid detergent spills all over the cupboards. Isn’t the whole idea of doing the laundry is to make things cleaner?

However, the one thing we can both always agree on is how guilty we feel each time we throw away those empty plastic jugs. 

We’ve tried “eco-friendly” alternatives on the market but have been consistently surprised to find many of them still come in those pesky plastic bottles. Even detergents with eco-friendly packaging have left us questioning the ingredients they contain. Yep, we are those people you see inspecting every label in the aisles.

This is why we’re so excited to introduce our detergent sheets. Kind Laundry sheets are 100% biodegradable and utilize just four simple naturally derived ingredients. They are super easy to use, ultra-compact, no mess and lightweight with the same powerful cleaning capabilities as a traditional liquid or powdered detergent. 

Laundry made easier? Yes please!

Kind Laundry is more than just a company to us. It represents who we are as people. We believe by eliminating one plastic detergent jug at a time as well as educating ourselves about the products we use, we can help protect, sustain and support the incredible planet we live on and the other animal friends we share it with. 

This is our dream. Let’s be kind to our laundry. Let’s be kind to our planet.

- Angie & Bernard