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Meet The Founders

We infuse kindness, creativity and transparency into every fibre of our business. As passionate innovators we elevate your laundry care routine and transform it into a ritual of self-care.

Angie & Bernard

Kind Laundry Co-Founders

Our Values


Better quality formulations.


We believe in 100% transparency


Make meaningful change and give back.

Origin Story

At Kind Laundry we encourage and celebrate a ritual of self-care and believe the laundry care products you choose should be kind to the planet, but also kind to you.

The laundry care category is dominated by products that can have long- term health implications for consumers. From allergic reactions to skin and respiratory complications, the products we wash our clothes and linens with can affect our health. We value 100% transparency in our formulation and ensure our ingredients are of the highest quality with no unnecessary fillers, dyes nor toxins.

Sustainability is at the heart of our business. From product innovation and ingredient sourcing to order fulfillment and logistics we follow practices that are better for our planet and our collective future. As a purpose-driven company we seek to eliminate single-use plastics from polluting our planet.

In less than three years, we are proud we have helped eliminate 500,000+ single-use plastic jugs and packaging from our landfills. We have given back with our donation of over 23,000+ laundry detergent sheets to local animal shelters across Canada.

When you choose Kind Laundry, you make a kinder choice with every wash.

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We believe in demonstrating kindness and responsibility to ourselves, the planet and all animals. We seek to give back and support causes near to our hearts.

Plastic Jugs Eliminated


Sheets Donated


Households & Families Served


Your Travel Companion

100% liquidless, light-weight and compact makes Kind Laundry perfect for on-the-go washing and stain fighting. Tuck into your carry-on and enjoy your travels.


Better quality ingredients with no toxins, chemicals or unnecessary fillers.


100% recyclable packaging. No plastic, ever.


Easily tuck into your luggage for washing on-the-go.

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