Kind To The Planet.

Kind To Your Laundry.

Where It All Began

This all started in the laundry room - where Founders, Angie Tran and Bernard Law, were both fumbling over laundry jugs, messy measuring cups, and splitting the laundry responsibilities. They were also annoyed by how much space it took in their recycling bin. They knew there must be a more “bearable” way to do laundry, but at the same time more environmentally friendly, easier to use, and safer for human health.

"We were driven to start Kind Laundry to offer the marketplace an alternative to single-use plastic jugs. We know there are many people who share the same concerns for the environment and they want to do their part in reducing plastic consumption."

Bernard Law


Our Goal

To eliminate 1 BILLION plastic jugs polluting our planet, every year.

Through their research, experts predict there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish by the year 2050! Even more disturbing, as many as 12.6 million people around the globe die every year from unhealthy environments - with chemical exposure, pollution, and climate change among the contributing factors. And though the problem Kind Laundry founders are solving is monumental, they are undaunted.

They know the world is facing a global crisis and instead of being part of the problem, they wanted to be part of the solution and help in some way.

Our Accomplishments

Meet The Founders

We’re Bernard and Angie, co-founders of Kind Laundry and passionate environmental advocates.

For us, simply being eco-friendly and addressing sustainability in our personal lives never felt like we were doing enough. One of our biggest concerns was the huge volumes of plastic and toxic chemicals involved in commercial laundry detergent. So we set about finding a zero-waste, eco-friendly solution.

This drive to be changemakers on a larger scale propelled us to create Kind Laundry and challenge the wastefulness of the laundry detergent industry head-on.

Our ever-evolving eco-friendly product line is something we are so thrilled to share with you all. We are currently working on some new product innovations for formulation and pack-out sizes. Something we are very excited to share with you soon. Stay tuned!

Our Team


I love tennis, mountain biking and spending time in the great outdoors. I also like exploring foods from different cultures.

Sustainable Item:

My favorite sustainable product is my electric dental flosser. I use it multiple times a day, everyday!


Co-founder, CEO


I love food and travelling - it always inspires me to try different things and be in different environments. Health and wellness plays a huge part in my life so staying active,connecting with nature and reading books are my daily joys.

Sustainable Item:

Reusable tote bags, I always have to have them in the car or house and I use it all the time when I am running errands.


Co-founder, CEO


When I'm not scrolling on TikTok, I love to cook new recipes and hang out with my friends in my free time.

Sustainable Item:

My favorite sustainable product is my tote bag, I can't go anywhere without it!


Brand Partnerships Manager


I enjoy spending time with my family—playing board games, painting, or reading books together.

Sustainable Item:

I love shampoo and conditioner bars! No more single-use bottles, and they last longer too!


Digital Marketing Project Manager


I love KDramas and war films! I also enjoy going out with my family.

Sustainable Item:

Thermoflask tumbler, I love bringing my own water wherever I go.


Digital Marketing Project Manager


Never knew I could be a home buddy until the pandemic hit! I enjoy staying at home with my family watching movies of all sorts but my favorite ones are about zombies. If I get the chance to wake up early, I love having breakfast outside!

Sustainable Item:

Compostable cling wraps! I like keeping foods fresh for longer without the plastic waste!


Digital Marketing Project Manager


When I'm not working I am either spending time with my daughter and family or trying out a new recipe I found on tiktok or Pinterest.

Sustainable Item:

My favourite product from our company is the Vegan Stain Remover Bar.


Warehouse Manager


I love singing Karaoke songs with my family. I like to cover some songs too and upload them online.

Sustainable Item:

Since I’m a coffee lover, I usually drink it in my bamboo-made tumbler.


Customer Support


I like reading, going out with my friends, traveling, and space!

Sustainable Item:

Most of my wardrobe is second-hand - I love finding amazing and unique pieces!


Social Media Management Intern

Our Values

Kindness is the most important tool to spread love among humanity and practicing kindness is the core of what we do here at Kind Laundry.

We believe in the power of kindness and it’s part of who we are as people. This drives a lot of the decisions we make for the brand, our product, our customers and our community.

We also know that in order to truly make a difference, you need courage. Especially when we’re trying to disrupt a traditional and outdated laundry detergent category. We know we will face a lot of challenges throughout this process - but we’ve learned how to embrace uncertainty and be bold with our ideas. We believe in what we’re doing and not afraid to try new things.

Lastly, creativity is an important element to our company. After all, we know doing laundry is not the most exciting activity that most people look forward to. This is why Kind Laundry will continue to find ways to reignite this category.

Let's Be kind Together

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