What Are Laundry Sheets?

Laundry. That inevitable chore we cannot avoid no matter how we may try. As your family grows, so does the washing pile. It seems neverending! Add in sticky detergent bottles or messy laundry powder boxes and the task can seem insurmountable. Cleaning up one lot of mess shouldn’t make another, right? Not to mention the huge number of harsh ingredients regular detergents expose us to. So what is the solution? Laundry sheets. What are laundry sheets I hear you ask? Let’s find out. 

Liquid, Powder, Sheet…

All are detergents, but not all are made equal. Liquid and powder detergents are found in just about every house around the globe. For decades they’ve been sold to us as the ultimate solution to banishing dirt and grime from our linens, towels and clothing. While they may be effective in this promise, the way in which these results are achieved is truly concerning.

Laundry sheets are all the necessary cleaning ingredients suspended in a dissolvable and biodegradable resin that you simply add to your usual wash cycle in the same way as powders or liquid detergents. But without the chemical or environmental footprint. 

Let’s take a look at the difference in ingredients between traditional detergents and the laundry sheets from Kind Laundry. 

Your standard, supermarket variety of detergent can contain over 25 harsh chemical ingredients.  The following are just some of the main ones that are truly concerning:

  1. Sodium Lauryl Sulfate & Sodium Laureth Sulfate/ Sodium Lauryl Ether Sulfate (SLS/ SLES). Commonly found in a range of household products, these foaming agents were originally developed as heavy-duty degreasers. They strip the skin and compromise waterways.

  2. Phosphates - linked to cardiovascular (heart) disease as well as osteoporosis. They are particularly damaging to the marine environment when dispersed in wastewater from your wash. They cause algal blooms which soak up the available oxygen and starve the marine life of air. 
  1. Bleach - often used to brighten whites, its fumes cause respiratory distress and on contact with skin and eyes, it is able to cause caustic burns.
  1. Formaldehyde - A chemical usually associated with preservation of dead bodies, this ingredient as classified by the EPA , is a class B1 probable carcinogen. This means it has been linked with an increased risk of cancer. 
  1. Ammonium Sulfate and Ammonium Quaternary Santitizers - harsh cleansing agents that are corrosive. They can cause eye, skin and lung damage even with minimal exposure. 
  1. Dioxane (1,4 Dioxane/ Diethylene Dioxide/ Diethylene Ether/ Dioxan) is quite possibly one of the worst additives. Dioxane is also a carcinogen and has been known to pose a combustion risk. Exposure can damage your kidneys, lungs, central nervous system, eyes, skin and respiratory function. 

All this in addition to dyes, fragrances and brighteners - often there are trace elements of even worse chemicals left unlisted.

Kind Laundry, by comparison, uses just four, carefully selected ingredients to clean your clothing. 

  • Dodecanol, a fatty acid derived from natural coconut oil, this is a surfactant or detergent that cleanses your washing. 
  • Polyglycol Ether, a gentle solvent that dissolves the dirt and stains from your clothing, also derived from coconut. 
  • Polyvinyl Alcohol, PVA is a colorless, water-soluble synthetic resin that we use to create the laundry sheets. It bonds the ingredients into one completely dissolvable and powerful cleanser. 
  • Water. We use just 15% water in our product, compared with competitor products which can be as much as 70% water or higher. Thoughtfully, we use deionized water, which prevents salt and mineral build-up in your washing machine. 

Why Choose Laundry Sheets?

If the chemical cocktail of your standard detergent hasn’t already put you off, there are other great reasons to choose laundry sheets.

  • No mess, perfectly measured, effective detergent in one sheet. Simply pop in your regular wash and you’re done.
  • No plastic to be seen, anywhere! No harsh chemicals are just one part of Kind Laundry’s commitment to health and the environment. The total lack of plastic in packaging, even shipping materials, means zero waste. 
  • Fragrance-free, dissolvable and with no fillers. No residues left on clothes means no headache-inducing synthetic smells or skin irritation. 
  • Easily transported for those who use laundromats or travel frequently. Lightweight and compact they also cannot make a mess en-route.  

Are All Sheets Created Equal? 

The short answer is no. Many laundry sheet options are promoted as being eco friendly and using biodegradable ingredients. Often they are in fact ‘Green Washing’. Green Washing refers to companies who claim to be environmentally friendly, but actually arent when under the microscope. They capture your buying power through carefully skewed and deceptive marketing. 

For many ‘eco-conscious’ laundry sheet brands, their product still is packaged in plastic. While the plastic components may be listed as recyclable, according to National GeographicLess than a fifth of all plastic gets recycled globally. In the U.S. it’s less than 10 percent.’ So recyclable isn’t the solution to a plastic-free future. Zero waste laundry detergent is the only way forward. 

In addition to plastic, many laundry sheet brands use filler ingredients such as starch. This leaves residues on your clothes and can clog up your washing machine over time. Some leading brands also have up to 14 ingredients in their laundry sheets! Kind Laundry has just four. Proving that less is more, our cleaning power is just as effective without unnecessary additives. 

Change The Way You Wash

Make the switch to Kind Laundry Sheets and say goodbye to skin-irritating and dangerous chemicals in your wash. In doing so you’ll also be supporting the reduction of up to 700 million plastic detergent jugs that go into US landfill alone each year. Add to that the ability to be completely free of environmental guilt with no risk to marine environments. It’s a winning solution all round. 

Don’t sacrifice clean laundry for a clean environment. You can have the crisp, fresh laundry you want without sending damaging chemicals down the drain. Perfect for every household, laundry sheets are the no mess, no waste, effective and environmentally friendly solution you’ve been dreaming of.