Plastic Free Laundry Detergent 

Plastic. Incredibly versatile, inexpensive and found just about everywhere including our oceans and even in our food. While for years the convenience of plastic has often outweighed any environmental concerns, it is becoming harder to ignore its long-lasting and damaging impact. 

Plastic is so common that it’s even made its way stealthily into everyday products without you realizing. One place we bet you never considered was your laundry detergent. Yep, that’s right, there’s even plastic in your detergents - and not just the bottle they came in. Switching to plastic-free laundry detergent is one of the best and easiest steps you can make towards protecting our marine environment and the planet. 

The damage your laundry detergent is doing is easy to ignore, but important to acknowledge and change. Once you understand its impact, we bet you’ll be happy to make the switch to plastic free laundry detergent. 

Aren’t All Detergents The Same?

The short answer is no. There is a huge spectrum of detergents available in the market, many are full of harsh chemicals and additives. These chemicals along with synthetic fragrances can cause skin irritation headaches, allergies and more. For aquatic life, they can be deadly, creating algal blooms that starve fish of oxygen. They also interrupt the surface tension of the water, making it susceptible to other pollutants such as smog and dirt, 

Perhaps most surprisingly (and disturbingly) there is even microplastics to be found in some leading detergents. According to the Plastic Soup Foundation, when 300 brands were tested, 119 had plastic polymers present. Some have visible micro-beads, these beads are made of plastic and added with the intention to mask stains, boost fragrance and diversify appearance. They do not add to cleaning power or make detergent more effective in any way. 

Additionally, your favourite detergent pods may market a water-soluble outer, but while they dissolve, they degrade poorly. Meaning they do not completely disappear ending up in wastewater and making it into our waterways and oceans. 

Unlike personal care products and cosmetics, manufacturers of laundry detergents are not required to list the full break-down of ingredients in their products. The big brands are knowingly keeping this information from you as they deem it unimportant. The environmental crisis we find ourselves in due to plastic shows just how wrong their approach is. 

Plastic On The Menu

Microplastics are one of the most dangerous plastics out there. These hidden plastics are found at the deepest parts of the oceans and highest mountain peaks. Due to their size, they are virtually impossible to clean up. Often ingested by animals and marine life - they are then passed along the food chain where we end up consuming them as a by-product. You wouldn’t voluntarily eat laundry detergent, but you may be unwittingly eating its toxic consequences. 

Marine biologist Joaquim Goe explains - “We do not know enough about the long-term health effects of microplastics on humans...What we do know is that they...transport heavy metals, pesticides, pharmaceuticals and polyaromatic hydrocarbons” 

This occurs as plastic readily absorbs other toxins. So as we ingest microplastics, we are also consuming any number of toxic extras. The worst part is that its impossible to know when this is happening. 

Time To Clean Up Our Act

If you’ve found yourself wishing for a truly eco-friendly detergent with powerful cleaning ability, and no hidden plastics then we have the solution. Kind Laundry Sheets are the zero waste, zero mess and zero plastic alternative. Made using just four naturally derived ingredients they are also fragrance-free and incredibly easy to use.

Not only is the product itself plastic-free, but the packaging is also. Even the mailers are completely compostable. Over 700 million plastic detergent bottles end up in landfill and oceans every year in the USA alone. Choosing plastic-free packaging is just as important as choosing a plastic-free detergent. Even powdered detergent in cardboard boxes hide a plastic measuring scoop. 

No hidden nasties in packing or ingredients with Kind Laundry. Pre-measured detergent sheets ensure no excess or wasted detergent. Forget sticky detergent spills or messy powders, just a simple no-mess strip and you're on your way to soft, clean clothes. 

At Kind Laundry we are committed to being plastic and waste-free in every part of our business, so you can wash with confidence. Our hope is to influence greater change and live in a healthier, kinder and plastic-free environment. 

Other Ways To Avoid Plastics In Your Laundry And Our Oceans

Don’t just stop at your detergent, there are many ways you can reduce plastic waste in your laundry routine. 

  • Use stainless steel pegs, they last longer and zero plastic to be seen.
  • Use woven laundry baskets made from cane or reeds. They are completely biodegradable at the end of their life span.
  • Wear cotton or other natural fibres. Polyester and similar synthetic fibres, when washed, release microplastics into the wash that end up in our waterways.
  • Avoid microfibre cleaning cloths. These cloths are reusable, but they are also derived from plastic and release plastic fibres in the same way as synthetic clothing. Try repurposing old cotton clothing as cleaning cloths instead.
  • Fit a filter to your washing machine to catch the microplastic fibres that get released during the wash cycle. 
  • Use natural stain removers such as lemon and bicarbonate soda and avoid plastic bottles. Or try our brand new, waste-free vegan stain removal bar!

Clean Clothes, Clear Conscience 

It is possible to find a completely plastic-free laundry detergent. From the packaging to the product it contains. Making this simple change protects not only the environment but also your family from a whole host of nasty and unnecessary extras. 

Swapping out your everyday products to avoid microplastics is just as important as choosing reusable shopping bags and coffee cups. They’re not as visible, but arguably more damaging. 

Make it easy and headache-free to be plastic-free, choose Kind Laundry Sheets. No eco-guilt, no mess, no waste. Just clean, soft laundry that you can be proud of from wash to wear and beyond.